The Medusa disk

At 16, Laura Liang is the youngest ever student to be chosen for the summer intern program at Hong Kong's most prestigious tech company. She manages to interest the company's boss, Mr Tang, in a compulsive mobile game she's developed called Medusa. But she then receives mysterious warnings that all is not as it seems at TangCOM and not to hand the game over to him. But why? And who is behind the warnings? The search for answers to these questions puts herself and her family into great danger in this exciting and glamorous modern thriller.

Dawn over the outback

After their light aircraft crashes, killing the pilot, an insecure boy and his argumentative half-brother and sister are stranded in the Australian outback without water or communication. Can they overcome their family difficulties to survive and get back to civilization?

The house of dolls

Marin's mother moves the family to a small Californian seaside resort to make a fresh start after losing their father. They haven't been there long before they become aware of the mystery of the missing teenagers which hovers over the town. Marin struggles to fit in at her new school, but a project to visit lonely old people in the neighborhood teams her up with Jack, the coolest boy in school, and lifts her spirits. All seems to be going well, that is until the project leads the pair to an isolated house on the cliffs -  a house filled with dolls, all of which bear an uncanny resemblance to the missing kids. Will Marin and Jack solve the town's dark mystery, or fall victims to it themselves?

A world behind the sky

Life is pretty perfect for Jay and the rest of the students at the Temjla Academy, an exclusive boarding school nestling in the Swiss Alps. The lessons are easy, the food is good and apart from the strict headteacher, Mrs Danton, the faculty is kind. When a strange virus strikes, however, and one student disobeys the warning never to set foot in the dark woods surrounding the school and disappears, Jay becomes suspicious. He digs deeper into the forces behind the Temjla Academy and after his investigation takes a sinister turn he too runs away, trying to escape through the forbidden forest. That's when Jay makes an earth shattering discovery - nothing in his world is what it seems.

The wardrobe / The noisiest family

Two unusual ghost stories.

The wardrobe - The old wooden wardrobe in Jaxon's bedroom appears to have a life of its own and it wants to make him its new best friend. 
The noisiest family - The ghost of a maid who has enjoyed years of peace and quiet in an empty house fights back when the noisiest family in the street move into her home disrupting her solitude. 


Who were knights? What is the code of chivalry? How do you become a knight? How did knights learn to fight? What did they eat?

'Knights' takes readers into the exciting world of knights and answers these and more questions.